The Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) in Berlin constitutes an appropriate environment for speakers and the audience to exchange knowledge about the city. The space at ZK/U, a former train station that turned into an art center, offers a suitable starting point to hold discussions on the city, its transformation, and evolution. The exhibition will be set up in the main hall. Talks will be held in the same space or on the terrace (depending on the weather).


Teufelsberg is a former US military base. Built onto an old unfinished military academy, which is now filled up with trashed stones since the end of World War II, the remaining buildings offer an unique atmosphere and an incomparable view of Berlin. An exhibition will be set up and talks will be held indoors. The outside area  will turn into a ‚playground‘ inviting the audience to actually experience ’space‘ in different manners. While rain some events will take place on the rooftop.


Urban Affairs – the workshop edition will end at the Marienburger Höfe in Prenzlauer Berg. We will make use of all inside and outside spaces in order to discover their possibility for future usage, in general and for the festival edition in 2017. An exhibition will be set up in several of the smaller rooms in the basement. Panel discussions and collaborative actions will take place in the yard. One highlight will be the Graffiti vs Streetart battle. A mobile tent will be set up in case of rain.