Jochen Küpper

Jochen Küpper, master of economics is the one who came up with the original idea of the festival. He is the festival director, in charge of the general management of the project. He is using his professional experiences of the last 10 years in Berlin’s art and cultural scene as well as his network to make sure this project can see the day. He also organized the first 2 editions of Urban Affairs, which have been mainly an art exhibiton, without any additional festival program.

Clara Stein

Clara Stein is a cultural manager based in Berlin, familiar with urban art and urban topics. She holds a Master’s degree in ‚Cultural Projects in Public Space‘. Clara gained a lot of experience in event and artist management and will be in charge of the artistic program of the festival as well as of its coordination. She also participated in developing the concept of Urban Affairs.

Robert Hummel

Robert Hummel is currently finishing his degree in psychology and cultural sciences and planning on starting a master’s program in urban studies. He spent time in US learning about urban design studies. He is in charge of the « Knowledge » aspect of the project, gathering a solid group of experts for the festival, mainly for the lectures and panel discussions, and is actively involved in the conceptualisation of the festival.

Luisa Traumann

Luisa Traumann, a graduate of Cornell University and the University of St Andrews’ School of Management, co-owns a popular bar in lively Berlin-Moabit, touted as one of the top ten spots for drinks and live music in Berlin. She has a keen interest in urban change processes and the dynamics of neighborhood development in an international context.  She has worked as a festival office coordinator and a research grant writer in the field of social entrepreneurship, as a translator and writer.

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