Street art – as its name implies – is set right in the centre of the metropolises of our contemporary urban society.

Lastly, it is an artistic expression in public space which by now influences urban life to a great extent. Especially Berlin has turned into a hot spot for international art affiliates, visitors, and street art artists.

Street art techniques such as stencil, painting, ready-made, collages, drawings, and graphic design will be applied to the exhibition rooms. All pieces of art are exclusively made for this exhibition and crafted on site while their finishing can be followed live on Saturday afternoon. Numerous events and performances invite the audience to participate. Parts of the mutually created works will be shown in the Art-Store when the event will have passed.

There is a great diversity of techniques, materials, and styles within street art and it offers various mediums for one’s own take and perspective. During this exhibition street art is supposed to introduce the audience to urban art. Having its origin in graffiti, contemporary urban art is largely inspired by art movements such as fluxus, avantgarde, pop art, and conceptual art.

URBAN AFFAIRS will reflect on current developments of this field and then try to discover new facets together with the participating artists.

Urban art and street art are largely recognised worldwide through collections, publications, and institutions of the established art production. Additionally, there is an increase in academic approaches to this genre, from a historic perspective too. And lastly, works of selected street art artists repeatedly reach records in renowned auction houses. The fact that El Tono and Nano 4818, both artists that were invited for URBAN AFFAIRS, are currently showing their works at Tate Modern, London, is an important index of the incredible development the field has been gone through.

The exhibition is hosted by RIOTARTS – Agentur für zeitgenössische urbane Kunst and Stockartists, a hybrid art project for the development of new perspectives for the contemporary art market. The project will be held in cooperation with Circle Culture Gallery, ATM Galerie, and Galerie Zero. It will be supported by ArtFacts, Montana, Mittes Backpacker, Polish Institute Berlin, and the Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit.

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