a „LIVE“ Street art Installation with BLO (
curated by RIOTarts (

PARIS ZONE LIBRE – Occupations berlinoises à paris
SAT 16.06.2012 // 20H
@ Frichez nous la paix (
Un-Curated by SP38 (

Paris-born, Berlin-based street artist Blo  participating in a recent exhibition series in Paris called “Paris Zone Libre”.  The sequence of shows have been uncurated by SP38 conceived to highlight street artists and graffiti writers, particularly those from Berlin where vandalism carries less of a stigma than it does in much of Paris.

The actual show „miniature en Grand“ was curated by RIOTarts and poked fun at the trend of taking street art out of the street and putting it in the gallery by putting the artist, Blo, alone in a gallery and projecting his work on a wall outside.  A brush, a camera and a canvas, but where is the artist? Find out about a new idea of presenting Streetart LIVE….

The french artist BLO, living and working in Berlin, will participate with us in the project. The idea for this installation comes from the WEDDING WALLS project, which has been done in 2011/2012 in the district Berlin Wedding.

Film: Markus Küpper (

Fotos and Info: RIOTarts, SP38, Just and more….