‘How come that Berlin artist Nomad spent this summer with actress Demi Morre and actor Ashton Kutcher? When the street artist received a call at night from the American actress Demi Moore this spring, he could not believe this really happened. A few months later he stands on a roof top in Las Vegas together with her and her husband Ashton Kutcher to work on a huge graffiti. In this interview, Nomad speaks about an unforgettable summer in Beverly Hills, street art hype and Black Jack with Bruce Willis for his very first time.’

Quelle: http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2009/10/19/nomad-interview/

Fotos: JUST (http://fk.1just.de)

Foto: http://jetzt.sueddeutsche.de/upl/images/user/an/andreas-glas/text/regular/730512.jpg