workshop edition

The next edition of URBAN AFFAIRS will happen  over the course of three days, in three different locations, each day and location being dedicated to one of the following main topics: Cities, Spaces, and People. This workshop edition is an introduction to future editions of the festival in the next years. It is supposed to distill ideas and concepts, to present works of art and documentation, and to discuss the urban questions of today. It will result in a documentation of the festival and a publication gathering its content and outcome. During this workshop edition we want to create new ideas together with you – the visitors – and the participating artists and experts.

The artistic perspective attracts artists as well as visitors and helps to translate scientific questions into artistic approaches. The social perspective of the festival reflects on people’s desires and needs. Its scientific approach supports these debates with the necessary knowledge. URBAN AFFAIRS tackles topics and perspectives of modern urban life as well as current developments in contemporary urban art, along with the transfer of knowledge and discussions on the future of our cities.

Thanks to smart urban pioneers for the support: